Bridging the gap between skills and job requirement


There are two commitments we have made to the nation. We are rooted by these from day one

Provide Access To High-Quality
Practical Skills To Everyone

Bridge The Gap Between Supply
And Demand Of Skilled Workers


Level up your career by adding accredited certification to your resume. Produce global standard work and be recognized
as among the best. Our transdisciplinary approach provides the students the exceptional freedom to explore different skills
and discover endless opportunities for success!

Step out of your academic field to do something you are passionate about or become the best in your career by getting a
steady grip on the skills most utilized in the work environment. With hands-on experience, explore new possibilities
professionally and become an expert in what you do.


Skill based learning

International certification

Unlimited possibilities

Guaranteed job


“Learning by Doing” is the core of AIT’s teaching philosophy. Amir Institute of Technology provides skill based learning to candidates who wish to accelerate their journey towards landing the job of their dreams. Students of the institute spend significantly more time practicing tangible skills that are the requirements in the job market. With a theoretical teaching structure, work experience becomes part of the course itself, instead of being something to be obtained later. Not only is this time and cost effective, it is also a more practical route to take as conventional education fails to equip students for practical job roles. The IT industry is constantly evolving and with this drastic shift in the industry, there is an undeniable gap between job requirements and the skills of students who graduate with degrees. Although these students have the theoretical knowledge regarding the work, they significantly lack the practical knowledge required in the field. This is where AIT comes in. The institute focuses on teaching by doing which allows the students to submerge in real work and learn how to function on the job.

These Courses Are Aimed Towards:

Someone Who Is A Fresh Graduate,

Someone Looking To Learn A New Skill,

Someone Who Wants To Switch Their Career Paths.

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